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CW-X Conditioning Wear

I just love workout wear. Particularly running gear with cool design and innovative functionality.

At the Runner’s Expo before last weekend’s Scotia Waterfront Half-Marathon, I discovered CW-X Conditioning Wear. Totally impressed with compression gear overall, I had hoped to find a pair of running tights – and low and behold…

Choosing the Women’s ‘Pro’ tights, I was immediately impressed with their cool design and graphics, supreme fit (tighter than non-compression) with obvious support felt thru my hips and knees.
According to the CW-X website: The patented Support Web™ brings the hips, knees and ankles into proper alignment, reducing impact and load to the legs. The Support Web also creates a suspension system for the hamstrings and quadriceps, reducing workload in both the pull and push phase of the running motion.

So did the Pro’s make a difference on race day?

I finished the half in 1:30:30, 8th in my category (of 652) and 53rd woman overall (of 5377). A PB, quite pleased indeed.
Half marathon

With the amount of compression wear I saw on race day (!), there’s no denying functional gear is where it’s at – and I definitely plan to buy more.

#GearAddict #GuiltyasCharged.

The Pro’s retail for $124.99 and can be ordered online, here.
For more on CW-X, visit:


Genuine Health’s Performance Nutrition

From yoga to spinning to marathon training, I’ve relied on Genuine Health’s formulas to power my workouts, boost my performance and recovery.  Simply the best!

Check out this video to learn more – including commentary from my favourite sports nutrition guru, Dr. John Berardi:


GenuineHealth video



Nike Lunar Elite+ 2

With 5 marathons and 10+ halfs completed thus far, I don’t mess around when it comes to my running shoes.  From Asics to New Balance, Saucony to Mizuno, I’ve run in a good portion of the top brands.

Finding my ‘perfect shoe’ however, hasn’t been so easy.  For starters, my feet aren’t the tiniest of sizes (10.5/11).  They’re also quite narrow, requiring a slim fit.  And because I’m a neutral runner (no obvious pronation), I don’t need a ton of support or cushioning… But they must be mileage-friendly – oh, and look good too!

Enter: Nike Lunar Elite+ 2.   Not only do they fit my shoe-criteria, they’re a total steal for just $70. Hence why I bought  another pair for back-up!  (Good thing too, as I hear they’ve been replaced by another Lunar edition.)

In any case, I must throw yet another shout-out to Nike.

In-addition to your Training Club App that I do (and tweet about) regularly (while sporting top-to-socks Nike apparel), I now have your  Women’s Marathon in San Francisco on my radar.  A future marathon perhaps? In these shoes, anything is possible…:)

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