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Prana’s Organic Chia Oil

Is it a supplement or a condiment/dressing?  Call it what you will, but it’s definitely tasty and extremely good for your heart, skin, hair, nails, joints, mood and more.

I’m referring to Prana’s Cold pressed Organic Chia Oil.

Made from ground chia seeds, it provides a whopping amount of Omega-3s per tablespoon (8.5 grams!), has a delicious nutty taste and subtle sweet aroma.  And thanks to its naturally occurring antioxidants which protect the essential fatty acids, it’s also a very stable oil (doesn’t go rancid so quickly -unlike flax or fish oils).

Other benefits include:

100% organic-vegan-raw • Shelf stable for 1 year • No fishy tasteNo cholesterol • No risk of heavy metal contaminationEasy to integrate in your daily diet.

I enjoy it most on my salads or rice bowls, as well as in smoothies, yogurt or oatmeal.  I absolutely love its nutty taste, not to mention the healthy fats I know it’s feeding my entire body.

Available at health food stores, learn more about Prana’s Organic Chia Oil here:


Sibu Beauty Chocolates

Move over chia, there’s a new superfood on the scene.  Chocolate-covered too! 

Coined the ‘holy fruit’, ‘the fountain of youth in a berry’, sea buckthorn really isn’t new.  Tibetan people have been enjoying it for hundreds of years.   And according to recent research, it may hold the secret to their very long, very healthy (they don’t get sick!) and vibrant lives.

But the real kicker? Sea buckthorn promotes ageless, youthful-looking skin.  For real.

Containing 190 bioactive compounds, it provides a superior source Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, plus a host of antioxidants and vitamins including  A, B, C & E.  There’s simply no other ‘skin food’ source like it.

Now for the chocolate part…

Sibu Beauty, the world’s largest purveyor of Himalayan sea buckthorn, recently added dark and milk chocolate truffles containing 250 mg of sea buckthorn oil to its extensive line of skin care formulas and supplements. 

For a dark chocloate lover like me, these truffles are decadent tasting, rich and smooth.  Delicious! Available in dark mint flavour or milk orange, just 1 satisfies a chocolate-fix -and then some.

Now will these infused chocolates make my skin more beautiful?  I’m not too concerned. Mainly because I’m also taking a sea buckthorn supplement and enjoy sea buckthorn tea – daily.  

Such is the fountain of youth my friends…I say eat and drink it up.

(For more, check out a recent article in Town & Country magazine.  You couldn’t ask for a better, more convincing article about sea buckthorn!)

From Farm to Table: Kettle Corn Popcorn

I don’t eat popcorn too often, but when I do, I tend to like the homemade stuff best: A bit of oil, organic kernels, lots of salt. 

Unfortunately, corn doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation.  It’s highly sprayed with toxic chemicals, genetically modified, and hidden in a ton of foods. 

So when I recently found From Farm to Table’s popcorn made from local, Ontario corn that’s GMO- and pesticide-free, I knew I had to try it. 

Their snack-sized bag of kettle corn also caught my attention due to its added Omega-3s derived from fish oils.  (Fish oils and popcorn? )  Not to mention its rather kind nutritional info: Just 90 calories per bag, 4 grams of fat, 14 grams of carbs and 6 grams of sugar. 

A few handfuls in, I was hooked! This popcorn is slightly sweet and salty, with no trace of fish – NONE.  It’s light and crunchy, and definitely hits the snack-spot.

According to the company’s website, they also make dill, butter & salt, white cheddar flavours – though I’ve yet to see on store shelves (here’s hoping soon!).

In the meantime, check out The Health Shoppe (on Yonge St.) to find the Kettle Corn.

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