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Chia Love

Talk about tiny little seeds that pack a nutritional punch. Rich in fibre, omega-3s, antioxidants and iron, chia seeds are considered a leading super-food.

They’re also versatile and tasty when added to foods such as yogurt, oatmeal, scrambled eggs or smoothies.

Lately, I’ve been drinking-up a daily dose, thanks to trachealth’s convenient packets and my favourite Soda Stream.

Chia and soda stream

Available in a few flavours, I’m loving Strawberry Lemonade.  Just one packet has 80 calories, 10grams of carbs, 4grams of fibre and 2grams of protein.

Sweetened with stevia, I add one serving to about 1 litre of water (lightly carbonated) for a perfectly light and refreshing drink. What’s more, when left for an hour or so, the chia seeds take on a deliciously smooth, jello-like texture which I find richly satisfying.

So where does one find these magical little packets of chia goodness?

Check out Nutrition House – specifically the one under the Bay (at Bloor).  Or Healthy Planet, located on the Danforth.







Genuine Health’s Performance Nutrition

From yoga to spinning to marathon training, I’ve relied on Genuine Health’s formulas to power my workouts, boost my performance and recovery.  Simply the best!

Check out this video to learn more – including commentary from my favourite sports nutrition guru, Dr. John Berardi:


GenuineHealth video



Genuine Health’s activfuel+

For years I’ve taken supplements to boost my overall health, workouts and recovery.  The list of what I take daily varies, but it often includes greens+, whey or vegetarian-based protein, fish oil, Vitamin D3, a bone-building formula, joint support, magnesium, a probiotic and melatonin. (Seems like a lot, but it’s not – really!)

And thanks to Genuine Health, I’ve recently added another to my routine, specifically new activfuel+ (with caffeine).

Designed for exercise-enthusiasts like me, its unique formula helps boost my energy, endurance and speed – along with promoting faster and better recovery.

For the past few weeks, I’ve added a half-scoop to my morning smoothie and/or in my water bottle during spin classes.  Right away, I noticed a difference in my energy and endurance, definitely adding more ‘spin’ to my spin, more reps to my intervals.

Containing whey protein (providing essential BCAAs), brown rice, taurine, coconut water and Vitamin B1 among other ingredients, this formula delivers the very best pre- and during- workout nutrition.

Now you’re probably thinking because I’ve run marathons or workout hard I NEED to supplement, and you don’t. Think again!

All of the ingredients in activfuel+ play an important role in proper health – including weight maintenance and energy.  For example, study after study shows the benefits of whey protein to increase lean muscle, immunity and metabolism.

What’s more, you can drink-it-up knowing it contains no suspect ingredients or artificial sweeteners such as fructose or sucralose.  (Sweetened with stevia, its natural black raspberry lemonade flavour provides a really tasty ‘kick’!)

Look for activfuel+ in leading health and grocery stores.

To learn more about its ingredients and benefits, visit:

Bodyism Formulas

Talk about great packaging, slick marketing and quality ingredients for a leaner body, better skin, improved sleep and more…

Bodyism formulas are all that.

My intro to this Austrailian line came via a British Fashion Mag, however its fitness-trainer-founder, James Duigan, has been well-known for years.  Mostly for his A-list celeb clients (Elle MacPherson, Hugh Grant) and best-selling ‘Clean and Lean’ books.

Jumping right in, I’ve been enjoying the Body Complete (vanilla flavour) in my smoothie for weeks now. Containing pure whey and pea proteins, it’s a good quality formula, tastes great, and makes my smoothies extra-creamy.

The formula I’m most excited about however, is the Beauty Food formula. Containing marine collagen, green barley, spirulina, mango powder, fermented rice bran and tons of other skin-boosting ingredients –  I’ve yet to find anything like this in Canada!   Its lemon-lime flavour has a hint of banana, and goes perfect in my smoothies too.

If my endorsements aren’t enough, maybe one from Elle MacPherson– (the ‘bod’) might suffice? See what she says about Bodyism formulas here.

Sadly, Bodyism isn’t available in-stores, however you can order online.

To learn more, visit:

Morning smoothie

This isn’t a new find, but something I’ve been enjoying for years. It also happens to be fit and healthy, so I figure why not share? 

It’s my daily smoothie.  It’s high in protein, loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants.

I make it because I absolutely love the taste.  Not only that, I’m convinced it’s why I rarely get sick, can bounce-back from marathons as well as build and maintain lean muscle quite easily.

What goes in: Approximately 1.5 cups of water, greens+bone builder (or greens+multi+), proteins+ (vanilla flavour) Bioflavia, Cell Food, frozen mixed berries and cinnamon.  During marathon training and/or following my long runs, I’ll add more proteins+, glutamine and maybe some banana.

I typically drink 1/2 the smoothie before my morning workouts, then the remaining just after (I keep the second-half in a shaker cup in my fridge). Using a Magic Bullet blender, it takes minutes to make, and very little clean-up.

So there you have it.  A simple and very healthy way to start the day. 

Until next time!


Called a ‘belly fat breakthrough’, might SafSlim be the answer to a slimmer waistline?

This product came very highly recommended – not just for the research showing it works, but for its creamy, berry taste.  (They weren’t kidding!)

Containing high linoleic safflower oil (unlike the cooking variety – ‘oleic’ safflower oil), human studies showed women who took 2 tablespoons daily (without altering their diet or exercise regimes whatsoever) lost on average 2 to 4 pounds of belly fat in 16 weeks.  They also experienced better blood sugar levels and increased muscle mass.

This study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2009), among other studies showing the benefits of high linoleic safflower oil.  Particularly its ability to boost metabolism, decrease hunger and trigger the body to burn dietary fats more efficiently.

So will SafSlim work for you?  There’s only one way to find-out.  Available at select health food stores, I found it at Noah’s on Yonge.  It comes in 2 creamy and delicious flavours – tangerine cream or berry cream fusion.  Simply take 2 tablespoons daily on its own, or add to yogurt, in smoothies, etc.

To learn more, visit:


Just when I thought I had everything my morning smoothie needed for super-nutrition, I found a new formula I’m now including regularly. 

Called Bioflavia, it’s made from organic grape skin powder by a local winery in Ontario.  Loaded with antioxidants, just one scoop provides  11,000 ORAC Units. (ORAC is a measure of a food’s ability to neutralize all five free radicals found in the human body.)

Totally natural, with amazing purple colour and potent grape taste, I add a scoop to my smoothies – particularly following intense workouts to help combat free radical damage.

While I’ll never give-up my love for a good Pinot, I feel good knowing I’m nourishing my body with all the benefits of red wine—sans hangover!

Available at select health food stores, including The Health Shoppe and Rosedale General Store.

For more, visit: or check-out my article on

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