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Fitness star rising: My 1-on-1 with Eva Redpath

Eva Redpath Nike VancouverWhen you think women’s fitness, think Eva Redpath.  Along with holding the esteemed title of Canada’s first and only Nike Master Trainer (you might recall my huge passion for NTC training App here), she has graced the cover of magazines, shared the stage with Derek Hough and recently won the Award of Excellence from Equinox as Signature Program Presenter (translation – she was selected among thousands of instructors – she’s that good!).

As a personal friend and someone who helps with her Marketing & PR, I could share volumes about Eva’s talent, her drive, passion and energy for fitness, health and helping women sweat their butts-off in mad glory…

Instead, I’ll give you a closer look inside her world – the challenges of being a star trainer, her favourite foods, inspiring quotes and other juicy tips.

Read more in my Q & A with Eva, now hosted on Elevate Magazine.


Thank you @EvaRedpath and @ElevateMagazine.



My Silver Medal Moment

Hosted by ZICO Coconut Water, featuring Jock Yoga, a secret location  – plus an Olympic Medalist Athlete…

Talk about my kind of an event!

Thanks to ZICO Coconut Water and Environics PR, I had the pleasure of joining the City’s top media and PR peeps for an evening Jock Yoga class led by my friend and dynamo Michael De Corte, with special guest  Olympic Ski Cross Silver Medalist, Kelsey Serwa.


Zico water

Kelsey and AureaMichael Jock YogaWith yoga mats ready and lots of chilled ZICO coconut waters to enjoy, the event kicked-off with a meet and greet with Kelsey – just back from Sochi, still riding the Olympic fever high.

Along with sharing some of the favourite Olympic moments – she let us hold her brilliant (and heavy) silver medal.  Surreal!

Down on our mats and ready for some Jock Yoga, Michael did a stellar job leading us through a somewhat intensive class. Our arms hurt in places and our legs definitely felt the burn, but we were all the stronger (and happier) once finished! Thanks Michael.

And thank you ZICO and Environics PR for all the work you put in to making this event a success :).

Zico smoothieFor a delicious smoothie idea, try adding chocolate flavoured ZICO, almond milk, banana and almond butter. Blend and enjoy!

Until next time…

My latest greatest and tastiest…

A quick post featuring a few of my current favourite things:

Kewaza Protein balls:
Holy incredibleness is all I can say! Super clean ingredients, amazing (!) intense cocoa and rich peanut butter flavor. Low in calories and natural sugar. These balls are the bomb! Since finding them a few weeks a go, I swear I’ve become a PR agent – telling everyone I know, sharing a pack with those deserving (ha ha). So much, my local Noah’s ran out, but they’ve since re-stocked. Thank you very much!kewaza

Karma Leg Warmers:

My Flashdance look combines comfort with coziness. Yoga with dance. I’m loving these leg warmers made by Karma. More than that, when they arrived by courier, inside was a lucky dollar coin with a note to pay it forward and share good karma, or hold on to it as a gift. “A small token can empower a big change.” So cool! Leg warmers

Hard Candy Fitness:
Probably the best spin studio in the city. Bikes are smooth. Huge amount of space between riders. Plasma screens, killer sound system – including live DJ – on Friday nights. Harder is better, and this gym delivers! Highly recommend a test-ride. #NosweatNocandy Hard Canday

Hot Vanilla-Protein-Milk
My healthy twist on hot chocolate during cold wintery months: Unsweetened almond milk, a scoop of Genuine Health’s proteins+ vanilla with a dash of cinnamon. Blend into a smoothie. Pop into a mug and microwave for about 1.5 minutes. Add a pinch of maple syrup, drink and enjoy. Vanilla hot choc

YYoga Queen West
Stunning new space on Queen St. West. Gorgeous yoga studios, spin room, change rooms and boutique. I could go on and on about this place! Tons of classes and the nicest staff. I took a 30-day pass recently and got my serious sweat-on, thanks to Jock Yoga classes, M-F, 6:45 AM. YYoga

CW-X Conditioning Wear

I just love workout wear. Particularly running gear with cool design and innovative functionality.

At the Runner’s Expo before last weekend’s Scotia Waterfront Half-Marathon, I discovered CW-X Conditioning Wear. Totally impressed with compression gear overall, I had hoped to find a pair of running tights – and low and behold…

Choosing the Women’s ‘Pro’ tights, I was immediately impressed with their cool design and graphics, supreme fit (tighter than non-compression) with obvious support felt thru my hips and knees.
According to the CW-X website: The patented Support Web™ brings the hips, knees and ankles into proper alignment, reducing impact and load to the legs. The Support Web also creates a suspension system for the hamstrings and quadriceps, reducing workload in both the pull and push phase of the running motion.

So did the Pro’s make a difference on race day?

I finished the half in 1:30:30, 8th in my category (of 652) and 53rd woman overall (of 5377). A PB, quite pleased indeed.
Half marathon

With the amount of compression wear I saw on race day (!), there’s no denying functional gear is where it’s at – and I definitely plan to buy more.

#GearAddict #GuiltyasCharged.

The Pro’s retail for $124.99 and can be ordered online, here.
For more on CW-X, visit:

Genuine Health’s Performance Nutrition

From yoga to spinning to marathon training, I’ve relied on Genuine Health’s formulas to power my workouts, boost my performance and recovery.  Simply the best!

Check out this video to learn more – including commentary from my favourite sports nutrition guru, Dr. John Berardi:


GenuineHealth video



Nike Lunar Elite+ 2

With 5 marathons and 10+ halfs completed thus far, I don’t mess around when it comes to my running shoes.  From Asics to New Balance, Saucony to Mizuno, I’ve run in a good portion of the top brands.

Finding my ‘perfect shoe’ however, hasn’t been so easy.  For starters, my feet aren’t the tiniest of sizes (10.5/11).  They’re also quite narrow, requiring a slim fit.  And because I’m a neutral runner (no obvious pronation), I don’t need a ton of support or cushioning… But they must be mileage-friendly – oh, and look good too!

Enter: Nike Lunar Elite+ 2.   Not only do they fit my shoe-criteria, they’re a total steal for just $70. Hence why I bought  another pair for back-up!  (Good thing too, as I hear they’ve been replaced by another Lunar edition.)

In any case, I must throw yet another shout-out to Nike.

In-addition to your Training Club App that I do (and tweet about) regularly (while sporting top-to-socks Nike apparel), I now have your  Women’s Marathon in San Francisco on my radar.  A future marathon perhaps? In these shoes, anything is possible…:)

Genuine Health’s activfuel+

For years I’ve taken supplements to boost my overall health, workouts and recovery.  The list of what I take daily varies, but it often includes greens+, whey or vegetarian-based protein, fish oil, Vitamin D3, a bone-building formula, joint support, magnesium, a probiotic and melatonin. (Seems like a lot, but it’s not – really!)

And thanks to Genuine Health, I’ve recently added another to my routine, specifically new activfuel+ (with caffeine).

Designed for exercise-enthusiasts like me, its unique formula helps boost my energy, endurance and speed – along with promoting faster and better recovery.

For the past few weeks, I’ve added a half-scoop to my morning smoothie and/or in my water bottle during spin classes.  Right away, I noticed a difference in my energy and endurance, definitely adding more ‘spin’ to my spin, more reps to my intervals.

Containing whey protein (providing essential BCAAs), brown rice, taurine, coconut water and Vitamin B1 among other ingredients, this formula delivers the very best pre- and during- workout nutrition.

Now you’re probably thinking because I’ve run marathons or workout hard I NEED to supplement, and you don’t. Think again!

All of the ingredients in activfuel+ play an important role in proper health – including weight maintenance and energy.  For example, study after study shows the benefits of whey protein to increase lean muscle, immunity and metabolism.

What’s more, you can drink-it-up knowing it contains no suspect ingredients or artificial sweeteners such as fructose or sucralose.  (Sweetened with stevia, its natural black raspberry lemonade flavour provides a really tasty ‘kick’!)

Look for activfuel+ in leading health and grocery stores.

To learn more about its ingredients and benefits, visit:

Malin+Goetz, Eucalyptus Deodorant

I’ve tried a bunch of natural deodorants, always disappointed with the results (B.O! And I really don’t sweat much – not even during my marathon runs.)

Since trying Malin+Goetz’s however, my outlook on natural under-arm protection has changed for the better. I’ve been using it for about a week, in and out of the gym, spin classes included – and no B.O., not a trace.

Alcohol- and aluminum-free, it contains odour-neutralizing Citronellyl Methylcrotonate plus Eucalyptus known for its antiseptic, antibacterial properties. What’s more, it goes on clear, leaving no mark or stain on clothing.

While the eucalyptus scent may be somewhat masculine, it doesn’t bother me once it’s on.  In fact, I don’t smell anything.  (More importantly, I don’t smell!)

Having said this, while my results have been all good, not everyone will experience the same right away.

According to the company’s blog, switiching to a natural deodorant can take some time for the body to adjust. They recommend you keep using it daily and within 2 weeks or so, you should be in the (smelly) clear.

Special thanks to my friend Christie for the insider tip on this product, and Gee Beauty for their amazing product knowledge and customer care.

To learn more, visit:

Nike Training Club App

This isn’t a ‘new find’, but it’s a definitely a goody worth sharing…Called the Nike Training Club App, I was introduced to it last year,  hooked ever since.

Without getting too complicated, it features 55+ different interval workouts to improve your cardio, flexibility and overall muscle tone. 

You simply choose a category – Get Lean, Strong, Toned or Focused, select your level, specific workout, cue your playlist and go.

A voice-over guides you throughout.  For visual help, there’s also video clips featuring sporty models (in killer Nike fashions) showing you how to do each exercise.

My favourite is the ‘Body Buffer’ ( category ‘Get Toned’, Intermediate level).  It’s a 45 minute, total body workout. I always feel it in my butt and legs the following day (lots of ski jumps and mountain climbers). 

All you need is a pair of weights, a mat and medicine ball. An arm-band for your iPod is also a good tool to have.  I wear mine and find the workout much easier to follow along.

If you’re ready to UP your training without hiring a trainer, this is the App for you.  It’s also FREE to download so there’s really nothing to lose by giving it a try :).  Are you with me?

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