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Bodyism Formulas

Talk about great packaging, slick marketing and quality ingredients for a leaner body, better skin, improved sleep and more…

Bodyism formulas are all that.

My intro to this Austrailian line came via a British Fashion Mag, however its fitness-trainer-founder, James Duigan, has been well-known for years.  Mostly for his A-list celeb clients (Elle MacPherson, Hugh Grant) and best-selling ‘Clean and Lean’ books.

Jumping right in, I’ve been enjoying the Body Complete (vanilla flavour) in my smoothie for weeks now. Containing pure whey and pea proteins, it’s a good quality formula, tastes great, and makes my smoothies extra-creamy.

The formula I’m most excited about however, is the Beauty Food formula. Containing marine collagen, green barley, spirulina, mango powder, fermented rice bran and tons of other skin-boosting ingredients –  I’ve yet to find anything like this in Canada!   Its lemon-lime flavour has a hint of banana, and goes perfect in my smoothies too.

If my endorsements aren’t enough, maybe one from Elle MacPherson– (the ‘bod’) might suffice? See what she says about Bodyism formulas here.

Sadly, Bodyism isn’t available in-stores, however you can order online.

To learn more, visit:


Dr. Mercola’s Tanning Beds

This post isn’t about a product I’ve tried – yet! But hopefully soon.

Background: For years, we’ve been told to stay out of the sun.  Not just for wrinkles, but for increased risk of melanoma. And tanning beds? Hello, the ‘ultimate evil’ if you ask any derm or doctor!

I get that UV rays can be damaging, but no time in the sun (especially for us Canadians) can cause a serious dip in our Vitamin D levels – particularly during winter.  Unfortunately, low levels of Vitamin D are linked with increased rates of cancer, heart disease, depression and Alzheimer’s among other health issues.

Vitamin D aside, who doesn’t love a tan? I know I do!

So much, that I’ve tried a TON of sunless tanning lotions and spray tans to give me a ‘healthy’ glow.  After reading about the toxic chemicals in many of these products however, I stopped.

Enter Dr. Mercola’s ‘Safe Tanning Beds’ 

Featured on Dr. Oz, Mercola says his beds are considered ‘safe’ as they feature electronic ballasts versus magnet ballasts, and emit more UVB rays (which convert cholesterol in your blood to vitamin D) instead of UVA rays.

What’s more, his beds not only increase Vitamin D production, they do not promote excessive skin damage – they actually boost collagen for healthier skin!

Needless to say, I’m very keen to test-tan a Mercola bed, or something similar. Heck, I believe so much in this new wave of tanning, my sister and I have discussed setting up our own tan shop…!

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy 20 minutes of direct, guilt-free sunlight whenever possible.

Alma Natural Quick Spa

I’m all for maintaining a beauty regime, including regular manicures and pedicures. 

I’m also aware of the harsh chemicals many nail polishes contain, not to mention the risk I take each time I go to the cheap & convenient shops…Are the foot tubs really clean?  Were the tools sanitized? Am I going to pay for this pedicure later??

So when I was introduced to Alma Natural Quick Spa, a recently opened spot offering eco-clean esthetic services in the most pristine environment, I was curious to try it out.

One Citrus Bliss Manicure ($35) later, and I can confidently say this place is worth the extra few dollars for a truly enjoyable experience. 

Clean doesn’t describe its interior – the place is spotless.  Not to mention every product they use (from polishes to removers, creams to soy-based wax) are natural and organic-based, with zero harsh chemicals. 

My manicure was as good as any hi-end Spa I’ve been to.  The highlight was the intensely relaxing hand/arm massage I received featuring their homemade citrus hand cream.   Heaven!

Added touches also included – complimentary tea from their loose tea menu featuring Steep and Infused teas, the latest mags, cool and new eco products for purchase, a complimentary neck massage, plus a take-home nail file and buffer.

Not to mention the lovely email I received from my nail technician (Peggy) just after, checking-in to make sure I was happy with her service, and to give me the name of the polish colour I chose for future visits.

Needless to say, if you’re ready to make a clean, very worthy, beauty change this 2012, this is the place for you. 

To learn more, visit:

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