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Yogalosophy with Mandy Ingber

MandyIngberShe’s a yogi.  She’s a health and wellness guru.   A teacher and friend to Hollywood celebs.  She’s Mandy Ingber, and I recently enjoyed meeting her while in town to promote her book: Yogalosophy.

Hosted by friend Marcello Cabazas at the Spoke Club, Mandy shared her inspiration behind the book, as well as her life story – including her rebellious, complex Father who was also a master yogi.

Once a successful actress, she endured years of unemployment, depression, eating disorders – eventually becoming a spin instructor.  Mixing her sass, passion for fitness and helping others – earned her a cult-like following  (She was Soul Cycle – before Soul Cycle), teaching to sold-out classes regularly.

Coming into herself as a person and teacher, Mandy soon opened herself to yoga, accepting it as a strangely profound gift from her Father.

Now a super-star yogi, she counts the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Brooke Shields and Kate Beckinsale among her clients and friends, appearing on top TV shows and in leading health and fitness magazines regularly.

And I can certainly see why.

After my 90 minute yoga class with her, I wanted more Mandy!  She’s 100% genuine, engaging, energizing and inspirational. Her style of yoga is among the best I’ve tried –mixing power-vinyasa with toning exercises thrown in (so this is how Jen keeps fit and lean!), set to a playlist featuring the likes of Robin Thicke to Bobby Ferrell.

Hopefully I’ll meet Mandy again – in LA, near the ocean – or anywhere in-between!  In the meantime, I’ll keep following her on Facebook and Twitter for some daily inspiration.



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