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Focal Upright dream desk

The future of workstations is here! Made by Focal Upright Furniture, it’s called the Locus desk and I can hardly wait to get my tush on one.  Finally, a desk for those who absolutely cringe at the amount of hunched-over, bun-flatteningscreen-time we do each and every day.


Truth be told, sitting has to be one of the worst (worst!) things we can do for our health. What’s more, we’ve completely lost touch when it comes to movement, exercise and balance. Instead of walking, we’ll drive. Instead of the stairs, we’ll take the elevator.  But heaven forbid we miss our cardio-racing spin classes, thinking it’s all we need for the day.  So not true.

I’m not suggesting this desk is going to solve our movement-crisis, but thanks to its innovative design, it will definitely improve our body’s positioning while we work, putting less stress on our back, shoulders and neck.  Not to mention keep us upright and alert – which oddly enough, we humans were designed to be.

Oh, may every company out there embrace this workstation innovation! Especially the company I should be so fortunate to work for next.  #Jobsearch #Marketing/PR  #ReadyAsEver.

Until next time…


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