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Unjunk Your Junk Food

Potato chips, pop and ice cream – part of a healthy diet?  They can be, IF you know which brands to skip and those to enjoy.

Enter: Unjunk Your Junk Food, by Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer (the creative force behind with chief nutrition expert, Lisa Tsakos.

Whether you’re a salty or sweet person, inside this guide you will find healthier, just as tasty alternatives to your favourite snack brands -from Doritos to Oreos, Vitamin Water to Special K bars.

Beyond food swaps, it’s also loaded with tons of information about commonly used ingredients, what to look for when reading labels, and how best to avoid the worst of the bunch.

For example, I knew high fructose corn syrup (found in colas, ice cream and cereals) was bad, but didn’t realize when consumed it goes directly into the liver where it is converted into fat. What’s more, new research shows fructose (like that in HFCS) causes cancer cells to metastasize in a way that other sugars don’t! Lovely.

Bottom line, the more informed choices you can make when it comes to your diet, the better your choices can be.  In the case of junk food, this couldn’t be more true.

And thanks to Unjunk your Junk Food, you really CAN have your cake, and eat it (guilt-free) too!

For more healthy inspiration, I highly recommend as your go-to resource. Bookmark it now and visit often for the latest news, product reviewsFacebook/Twitter give-aways and more.

Also join their edible (R)evolution, and get a free excerpt of Unjunk your Junk Food! Visit:                                             


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