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Pop Phone

For years, I’ve longed for a radiation-reducing device for my cell phone.  Well, I found my answer – and hello callers! It’s pretty sweet.

Made by Native Union, the Pop Phone is essentially the old handset many of us grew-up using, and can now use again – thanks to its easy application.  Simply plug the cord into your cell phone, iPad, etc., hit a button and talk-away!

I’ve been using mine for days now, and love it.  The sound quality is perfect, much better than any ear piece I’ve tried. Not to mention it comes in a variety of fun colours including  gold, red, pink and orange.  (I bought black, but I’m already itching for pink!)

And wouldn’t you know the celebs are on to it too -including Daniel Craig, Sarah Jessica Parker and Demi Moore – all spotted using a Pop Phone.

I bought mine ($45) at The Bay (on Queen), however you can order the Pop Phone online too.

No adaptor required for most phones – including the Blackberry Torch and iPhone.

Now if only the Pop Phone could cut my cell phone bills too…!

Until next time.


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