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Stash Breakfast Tea

I’m a coffee lover, true and true.  But lately I’ve been enjoying a ton of tea lately – including Fusion Breakfast Green and Black Tea by Stash Tea.

I discovered this dark, edgy tea at The Natural Food Depot.  It hit my ‘tea spot’ immediately when I read it contains 3 different black teas, 2 green teas plus Japanese  matcha tea (one of my most favourites).  

If you’ve read much about tea, you’ll know black, green and matcha are rich in polyphenols -great for metabolism, anti-aging and cancer-fighting benefits

In the afternoon, I make a few cups and enjoy its potent taste enormously. Like most teas, I find the caffeine is subtle enough that I don’t get a huge energy buzz,  but enough to keep me feeling okay well past the usual 3pm dip.

One draw-back about this tea is that it’s not organic.  Nor do I know for sure its antioxidant levels…Having said this, I don’t doubt there’s some value in it, and will continue drinking it up!

To learn more about Stash Teas, visit:


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