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Morning smoothie

This isn’t a new find, but something I’ve been enjoying for years. It also happens to be fit and healthy, so I figure why not share? 

It’s my daily smoothie.  It’s high in protein, loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants.

I make it because I absolutely love the taste.  Not only that, I’m convinced it’s why I rarely get sick, can bounce-back from marathons as well as build and maintain lean muscle quite easily.

What goes in: Approximately 1.5 cups of water, greens+bone builder (or greens+multi+), proteins+ (vanilla flavour) Bioflavia, Cell Food, frozen mixed berries and cinnamon.  During marathon training and/or following my long runs, I’ll add more proteins+, glutamine and maybe some banana.

I typically drink 1/2 the smoothie before my morning workouts, then the remaining just after (I keep the second-half in a shaker cup in my fridge). Using a Magic Bullet blender, it takes minutes to make, and very little clean-up.

So there you have it.  A simple and very healthy way to start the day. 

Until next time!


Stash Breakfast Tea

I’m a coffee lover, true and true.  But lately I’ve been enjoying a ton of tea lately – including Fusion Breakfast Green and Black Tea by Stash Tea.

I discovered this dark, edgy tea at The Natural Food Depot.  It hit my ‘tea spot’ immediately when I read it contains 3 different black teas, 2 green teas plus Japanese  matcha tea (one of my most favourites).  

If you’ve read much about tea, you’ll know black, green and matcha are rich in polyphenols -great for metabolism, anti-aging and cancer-fighting benefits

In the afternoon, I make a few cups and enjoy its potent taste enormously. Like most teas, I find the caffeine is subtle enough that I don’t get a huge energy buzz,  but enough to keep me feeling okay well past the usual 3pm dip.

One draw-back about this tea is that it’s not organic.  Nor do I know for sure its antioxidant levels…Having said this, I don’t doubt there’s some value in it, and will continue drinking it up!

To learn more about Stash Teas, visit:


Called a ‘belly fat breakthrough’, might SafSlim be the answer to a slimmer waistline?

This product came very highly recommended – not just for the research showing it works, but for its creamy, berry taste.  (They weren’t kidding!)

Containing high linoleic safflower oil (unlike the cooking variety – ‘oleic’ safflower oil), human studies showed women who took 2 tablespoons daily (without altering their diet or exercise regimes whatsoever) lost on average 2 to 4 pounds of belly fat in 16 weeks.  They also experienced better blood sugar levels and increased muscle mass.

This study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2009), among other studies showing the benefits of high linoleic safflower oil.  Particularly its ability to boost metabolism, decrease hunger and trigger the body to burn dietary fats more efficiently.

So will SafSlim work for you?  There’s only one way to find-out.  Available at select health food stores, I found it at Noah’s on Yonge.  It comes in 2 creamy and delicious flavours – tangerine cream or berry cream fusion.  Simply take 2 tablespoons daily on its own, or add to yogurt, in smoothies, etc.

To learn more, visit:

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