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Nike Training Club App

This isn’t a ‘new find’, but it’s a definitely a goody worth sharing…Called the Nike Training Club App, I was introduced to it last year,  hooked ever since.

Without getting too complicated, it features 55+ different interval workouts to improve your cardio, flexibility and overall muscle tone. 

You simply choose a category – Get Lean, Strong, Toned or Focused, select your level, specific workout, cue your playlist and go.

A voice-over guides you throughout.  For visual help, there’s also video clips featuring sporty models (in killer Nike fashions) showing you how to do each exercise.

My favourite is the ‘Body Buffer’ ( category ‘Get Toned’, Intermediate level).  It’s a 45 minute, total body workout. I always feel it in my butt and legs the following day (lots of ski jumps and mountain climbers). 

All you need is a pair of weights, a mat and medicine ball. An arm-band for your iPod is also a good tool to have.  I wear mine and find the workout much easier to follow along.

If you’re ready to UP your training without hiring a trainer, this is the App for you.  It’s also FREE to download so there’s really nothing to lose by giving it a try :).  Are you with me?


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3 thoughts on “Nike Training Club App

  1. lisa tomms on said:

    just want you to know that POWERPLANT was created by the founder and creator of REBAR……….sadly POWERPLANT was stolen from the creator and now the person that stole it is profiting from it….A very sad story………….

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