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Enerjive Power Crisps

Another CHFA find, these Power Crisps rock!  

Available in a bunch of flavours, they are low glycemic, gluten-free– and loaded with only pure, natural ingredients, including quinoa, cocoa and maple syrup.

I’ve tried tons (tons) of crackers, chips, crisps, chips…but none hit home as much as these! They are crispy and crunchy.  Taste incredible toasted with nut butter or hemp butter – or straight out of the bag. 

The Cinnamon COZY flavour is my personal favourite, though the Chocolate FIX are beyond amazing too.

One note of caution: These crisps are highly addictive! I recommend keeping them in the freezer for best storage, and safely out-of-sight.

Thank you to the founders and developers at Enerjive (Korey and Dr. Joel). Your crisps are my new and favourite ‘power-snacks’!

Unfortunately, Enerjive Power Crisps are not available for a few weeks. I’ll make sure to post an update once they resume shipping.  In the meantime, visit for more info.


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2 thoughts on “Enerjive Power Crisps

  1. These looks so great, and I can hardly wait to get some..

  2. sweetopiagirl on said:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

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