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Just when I thought I had everything my morning smoothie needed for super-nutrition, I found a new formula I’m now including regularly. 

Called Bioflavia, it’s made from organic grape skin powder by a local winery in Ontario.  Loaded with antioxidants, just one scoop provides  11,000 ORAC Units. (ORAC is a measure of a food’s ability to neutralize all five free radicals found in the human body.)

Totally natural, with amazing purple colour and potent grape taste, I add a scoop to my smoothies – particularly following intense workouts to help combat free radical damage.

While I’ll never give-up my love for a good Pinot, I feel good knowing I’m nourishing my body with all the benefits of red wine—sans hangover!

Available at select health food stores, including The Health Shoppe and Rosedale General Store.

For more, visit: or check-out my article on


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